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Pets keep you company. Pets can be cute and adorable.

Some pets, like fish, are not cute but fun to watch and feed. Some pets teach you more about them like how some male and female cats play or argue with each other.

Some puppies and dogs hunt while they are young. Some fish chase your finger in the fish bowl if they are really hungry. Some reptiles eat fast, and some eat slowly. Reptiles and birds can be playful.

Some birds try to escape when everyone is sleeping or when a window is left open—not usually because they really dislike their owner or something like that but because they want to explore.

Pets love their owners and like to play with them. Pets like cats and dogs come to you and cuddle with you. Puppies and dogs will give you kisses by licking you.

Bunnies and rabbits are so soft like cats and dogs. They are so soft feel like tiny soft pillows.

Pets teach you stuff while you look, smell, feed, and learn how they live. Pets make life better. Dogs are always happy to see you.

I hope your parents agree to bring you a pet. If you don’t have anyone to play with at your house, then you can play with a pet.

There is such thing as a class pet but class pets are small pets like reptiles and small birds or spiders.

Pets are so much fun. I hope you enjoy your pet.


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