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Endangered Species

Maab E., Lomita Leopard's Roar Reporter

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Did you know there are many endangered species? Animals like whales, giant pandas, and Cross River gorillas are all endangered. Other animals are also endangered.

One of the causes for all of this is humans. When humans cut down forests to build homes and throw trash in the ocean, these actions affect the environment and ruin animals’ homes.

Most animals are suffering because of us. People have the power to protect animals. Some animals like the dodo bird, saber-toothed tiger, and the Tasmanian tiger have become extinct due to humans.

If people stop destroying homes and polluting the environment, then we would have many animals, and people would have many animals to cherish.

So it is up to you. If you like animals and care for them, you can volunteer at a wild life reserve. Animals are a gift to our world so we should definitely take care of them and cherish them— hopefully for many years to come.


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