PF Chronicle


If you are in fourth or fifth grade and would like to submit an article for consideration, please have your parent email the article to and provide the following information in your parent’s email:

  • In the subject line: “PF Chronicle”
  • In the body of the email:
    • Your name
    • Your parent’s name
    • Your parent’s permission for PF Chronicle to publish your article – no last names are used, but the following information will be used:
      • Your age
      • Your grade
      • Your school
      • Your city/town

Article requirements:

  • Use a catchy headline
  • Topic areas: news, sports, reviews, community, animals, and places to go.
  • Any movie reviewed must be G or PG
  • Any video game reviewed must be “E”
  • Books, bands, and any other topics reviewed must be appropriate for students in grades K-5 to read
  • Write in third person
  • Minimum word count is 150 words. The maximum word count is 250 words.
  • Make sure you use the 5W’s and 1H (who, what, why, where, when and how)

Publication of any article is at PressFriends’ sole discretion.

PressFriends is an all-volunteer organization, and no compensation is paid for any of the articles published.

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